Title : "Contact"

With the unprecedented development of transportation and communication, the world becomes increasingly interdependent. The 21stcentury where the global village gets along as one family is an age of which peoplehave no choice but to meet each other. Based on love, what should be done between individuals, states, ideologies, classes, genres, and a human and nature is contact, and Korean calligraphy also needs to meet with other cultures.
To brighten calligraphy more and make it immortal, we need to introduceits characteristics to the world and bring each culture around the globe into it through meetings even though its peculiarity, the very essenceof cultural arts to the Chinese-character cultural zone, must be well preserved.
Starting under the slogan of Korean calligraphy’s globalization, the World Calligraphy Jeonbuk Biennale in 2005 meets the fifth time. Based on the ground gained from the past four festivals, the World Calligraphy Biennale of Jeollabuk-do is now in a decisive manner opening its gate in order to try to have comprehensive contacts among calligraphists of all ages both at home and abroad and among genres, while making efforts to be linked with each culture around the globe. Accordingly, "Contact"is decided as theme for the 2005 Jeonbuk Biennale.
The Jeonbuk Biennale will never forget to raise centrifugal force, and equip with more solid centripetal force, whichcan ramble over to infinity, for leading Korean calligraphy to the bigger world. Consequently, it will always be placed into the heart of all exchanges.